Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You Know You're an Adult When...

appliances excite you more than new clothes...

Yes, we have hit the final week! We are hoping to close on our house Thursday and so this last week we went shopping for our refridgerator and washer and dryer. Wahoo right? Seriously though. Who would have ever thought these appliances could be so enticing? I gazed at some of those shiny, high-end appliances with glossy, hungry eyes the way I might look at a Prada bag. I guess I'm officially an adult. Or a dork. Or perhaps both?

Anyway, we did our final walk through last Thursday and have our rate locked in so now we just have to finalize stuff with our lender and our homeowner's insurance. Crazy! It's been an interesting, fun, and stressful process watching it go from a staked out lot to our home. Here are a few photos from the final walk through. Can't wait to move in!


Our walk-in closet and hallway

Master bathroom

Guest rooms with a mountain view :)
Ok...I've procrastinated packing enough for today. Better get started!

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